How to get my tone

Here is a custom heavy tone made by me.

You need to get Line 6 POD farm 2.59 and use the following settings:


Noise gate: threshold at -39db, decay at 7%;


Screamer: drive at 63, gain at 30, tone at 47;


Brit-J800: gain 100%, bass 79%, middle 57%, treble 77%, presence 61%, volume 86%;


4×12 Brit Celest-V30 with 57 on axis mic;


Sine Chorus:  0.70hz ,depth at 70%, bass at 50%, trebble at 79%, mix at 27%;


Compressor with no threshold and a 5db boost;


Use all of these at around 100 bpm and you will get a heavy viking sound for emg pickups.



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